What to expect...

Purchasing a new concrete patio, driveway or having any concrete flat work done on your property can be a bit overwhelming.

Concrete 101 is a step-by-step example of what you can expect while the team is there during the entire job from demolition of existing concrete to the finished product.


Concrete 101

Old Concrete Demolished
Old Concrete Hauled Off for Recycling
Forms Placed and Leveled for Proper Runoff
Subsurface Prepared
Pipes and Conduit Re-aligned
Rebar Grid Placed
Rebar Attached to House Foundation
Rebar Tied Off
Redi-Mix Truck Arrives
Concrete Directed Into Wheelbarrows
Concrete Poured
Forms Around Steps Removed
Brick Stenciled Border is Applied
Patio Prior To Staining
Staining Mixture is Applied
Finished Patio