Please call Allan with any questions you may have that are not answered here.

Allan knows that anyone having a concrete job done can be concerned with issues like; Who is this man? What is my patio going to look like when it's finished? Is the site going to be cleaned up when the job is finished. Is the work guaranteed?

Allan's main concern is that you know your choosing the right company for the job and that you feel comfortable with your choice. The best way to ensure this is by giving him a call. 816-229-0971. Call him today.


Q. What's your e-mail address?
Q. How thick is the concrete?
A. About 4" thick for patios and drives, except next to the curb for the drives is 6" thick
Q. Is site preparation included in your price?
A. Yes
Q. What is the difference between an Expansion Joint and a Control Joint?
A. An Expansion Joint is all the way through the slab.  A Control Joint is a grove about ¼ of the thickness of the slab.
Q. How long of a waiting time is usually expected?
A. This varies with the seasons
Q. How long have you been in business?
A. Since 1972 when I came to this area during a college break and never left!
Q. How cold can you pour concrete?
A. If you know what you are doing probably about 0 degrees. The coldest I have poured outside was 8 degrees; however, we never pour over frost.
Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes.
Q. Can Color fade? 
A. Yes, If you don't seal concrete every 12 to 18 months the color can fade. This sealer can be purchased in 3 to 4 locations in the K. C. area. All you need is a roller to apply. 
CAUTION! Best Applied in mild wind and don't smoke ! Unless you own an EYE BROW Pencil!!